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Taye Diggs 'Not Upset' Over Comments About His Interracial Marriage

Taking the high road...


Taye Diggs 'Not Upset' Over Comments About His Interracial Marriage

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Taye Diggs says that he is "not upset" over comments made about his interracial marriage because it's probably hurting the critics more than it is effecting him.

The Private Practice actor made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new children's book Chocolate Me. Taye explained the first time he met wife Idina Menzel on the set of Rent, but says they didn't hit it off straight away.

"It was not love at first sight," he admitted. "We both thought we had attitudes so it took us a while to break that down, but after we became friends it became passionate."

When Wendy asked him how he feels about negative comments about the fact he married a white woman, Taye replied: "I think it upsets them, I don't have an issue."

Taye wrote Chocolate Me to help young children deal with racial abuse and insecurities that he experience as a child.

Watch his interview with Wendy below...

Taye Diggs attends book signing for 'Chocolate Me'...


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