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Nas: 'Nicki Minaj Is The Only Female Representing Hip-Hop'

Is he right?


Nas: 'Nicki Minaj Is The Only Female Representing Hip-Hop'

Photo: Doug Meszler / WENN

Nas has praised Nicki Minaj for being the only female rapper representing hip-hop at the moment.

Escobar features on Nicki's latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded on a track titled Champion, which features Drake and Young Jeezy. Nas says that working with the hottest femcee in rap right now was "crazy" and explains why she is able to rule the charts.

"I mean it was crazy cause Nicki is out there doing it," Nas told XXLMag. "She's like the only female doing it. You got some new ones out her doing it--Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea--you got them. But since we don't hear much from Eve, [Lil] Kim and Foxy [Brown] these days, nobody can't front, Nicki is representing."

Speaking about his feature on 'Champions,' Nas added: "To be on her album, that sh*t was crazy. ... She put me on ['Champions'] with Drake and [Young] Jeezy -- that's a recipe of a masterpiece. I thought it was a perfect record and I think Nicki killed that s**t."

Do you agree that Nicki is the hottest female MC out there right now?

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