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Nas Reconciles With Destiny On 'Daughters' Video Shoot

Happy families again...


Nas Reconciles With Destiny On 'Daughters' Video Shoot

Photo: Nas/Tumblr

It looks like Nas' daughter Destiny is fine with the rapper's tell-all new single, posing for photos with her pop on set at the video shoot.

Nas had come under fire from Destiny's mother Carmen Bryan for the track 'Daughters', which describes the family's reaction after the 17-year-old posted a picture of her condom collection on Twitter and reveals she had been writing to a boyfriend in jail.

Carmen hit Twitter to insist Destiny's 'wouldn't appreciate' the rapper's dedication to his daughter, saying: "He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false."

However, both Nas and Destiny were all smiles on the video shoot earlier this week as they posed with director Chris Robinson.

Daughters is the third cut taken from Nas' upcoming LP Life Is Good, due July 17.

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