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7 Year Old Wins 2020 African Kids Fashion Week competition


Seven year old June Wisse has emerged as the winner of this year’s African Kids Fashion Week competition.

The event was created to showcase the best of African fashion for children and this year’s edition was themed the ‘SHOWCASE’’. It gave room for African kids to bring to light the best of African Fashion as inspired by the rich and diverse African culture with traditional fabrics in a creative and stylish way as organised by Smart Code Africa.

The competition took place virtually, and only contestants with the highest likes and engagement online became the African Kids Fashion Week winner.

In a statement made by the Creative Director of the event, Mr Ajibola Akande, said that;

“This years’ edition aims to build the attitude and develop a personality for the young African to love and embrace African attires, ”

“billions of dollars goes out of Africa from the children fashion industry and one of the main objectives of the African Kids Fashion Week is to help retain those funds within Africa.

“When the children grow up wearing African fashion, they will definitely stick to it when they are of age. Imagine all the children in African are wearing African fashion, you can not imagine how much that will contribute into the Africa economy in respect to IGR.”

The online event began with an entry which started on the 9th of August and ended on the 22nd of August. Voting started on the 23rd of August and ended on the 29th of August 2020.

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