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9 Outstanding horror movies and TV shows still on the trend

black mirrorFor movie lovers, Here are some of the best horror TV shows and movies still on the trend.

1992The movie is based on the story about a farmer who plans to murder his wife for financial reasons and convinces his son to assist him. Well, this is just the beginning of what’s in store for this duo.

bird box

A mother and her kids do all they can to survive a deadly force. The family tries to blindly travel to safety with an ominous danger in the background. They might never truly be safe again.

geralds game

Gerald’s game begins with an innocent vacation. A woman’s husband unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, she is stuck in bed and in her head. There’s no way for escape. She has to relive her terrible past and deal with her demons.


An epidemic spreads through Australia, Andy (Martin Freeman) lookss for someone who can protect his daughter. With only 48 hours to go, Andy does everything he can to get his daughter to safety.

black mirror

The first TV show on the list. Black mirror is an anthology series which takes technology through the darkest corners. Each episode is a stand-alone capable to make one uncomfortable with a side of Twilight Zone-esque weirdness.

the haunting of hill house

Growing up in one of the most famous haunted houses in the U.S, these siblings  had it rough. We catch up with the siblings when they regroup as adults and relive their terrifying past. Some of the ghosts might still be in the house while some others are lurking in their minds.

black summer

A mother loses her daughter during zombie apocalypse and will do anything to bring her back. This movie keeps you guessing till the end.

the order

Jack’s mother dies and he pledges himself to a secret society which throws him into a life he never imagined he would live. He soon uncovers secrets about the group no one was ever supposed to know.


stranger things

Popular TV show Stranger things follows a group of kids searching for their friend who disappeared. They had no idea that the search will awaken some beasts they never knew existed.