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Actress Ireti Doyle Shuns “Talentless Twats” Who Mock Creatives On Social Media

Actress Ireti Doyle

The well known and award-winning actress, Iretiola Doyle has taken to Twitter to blast ‘talentless twat’ who recommends people’s efforts as “trash”.

Ireti claimed that ‘a talentless twat’ who is yet to create a thing will still have the guts to call another person’s labour as ‘trash’. She dared them to do the work they criticize, if it is as easy as they think.

She wrote,

“Lol ..SM sha. A talentless twat that has never created a thing in their miserable directionless life will just open an unwashed mouth and dismiss someone’s labour as trash. Alakori alaini nkan se..go do am if easy na. Your mouth like repository for trash”.

See tweet below;

Iretiola Doyle tweet

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