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#BBNaija: Neo Shares Experience On How He Ended As A Houseboy For A Girl


Neo recounts his experience on how he had paid a visit to a girl who was giving him green light, only for him to end up as her houseboy and cleaner.

Neo disclosed this during a discussion he had with his fellow housemates about the things he ended up doing after visiting a babe. According to his narration, he got to the lady’s house around 11pm, spent the night and slept off without taking note of how the room looks like.

The following morning, the lady left him alone in the house for her gym session and when he woke up, he realized how dirty and unkempt the room was which made him feel uncomfortable. He couldn’t withstand how dirty the toilet looked.

Neo said  that he became a houseboy at that point because he had planned to spend the weekend.

When Laycon asked him to know why he didn’t leave the place as he didn’t find it to be comfortable, Neo’s response was that he was used to cleaning up every Saturday morning. Neo then continued by adding that he started the cleaning right from the lady’s toilet, then he cleaned the room, and washed the lady’s ‘white turned brown’ bedsheet.

His fellow housemates couldn’t hold back from expressing their feelings on how Neo stooped so low to do all of that for a lady he only went to catch fun with.

Laycon at some points added that Neo will really work as a houseboy if he ends up with Vee.

On the contrary, Neo did not regret his actions as he told his fellow housemates how he cooked for the same lady before she came back to the house.

The housemates have called him names such as “houseboy Neo” and “Neo go wipe oo”.

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