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“Being Fully Clothed Has Never Been My Thing” -Khyara Nwokora


Nollywood actress, Khyara Nwokora has given a response to the people who have criticized her for sharing her nudes.

She stated that she has had her nude side with her for as long as she can remember and being fully clothed has never been her thing even while growing up.

To this end, she wrote;

“Time and time again I’ve been queried by many regarding my nude nature. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.

Growing up, being fully clothed has never been my thing. Often times nudists can be misinterpreted to be beckoning on whoever for whatever.

Shhh should we tell them that I am Demi-sexual and lack the ability to have sexual feeling unless i have a very strong attachment to someone. funny enough I guard my energy from unnecessary attachment. I even walk away from attachment that drain my energy.

There’s only one man I crave to have and believe me, IT AIN’T YOU”

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