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Domestic Violence Dispute: Mange Kimambi Supports Tamar Braxton


Following the ongoing fued between Tamar Braxton and her Nigerian boyfriend, David Adefeso, Tanzanian activist, Mange Kimambi has expressed her support for Tamar Braxton.

The relationship between the couple had gained the attention of everyone after Adefeso asked a judge for a restraining order against Braxton, citing domestic violence.

However in the twist of event, Braxton alleged that her Nigerian boyfriend was the aggressor, claiming he assaulted her and threatened to kill her in a ‘murder-suicide.’

Sharing her view on Braxton’s allegation, Kimambi stated that she believes Tamar simply because Adefeso is a Nigerian.

The Tanzanian activist also got into a heated argument with some social media users who tried to correct the ideology she was putting out about Nigerians.

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