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“I Lost My Memory For Years” -Dekunle Fuji


Popular Nigerian singer from way back, Adekunle Michael Oloyede popularly known as Dekunle Fuji had disappeared into the thin air for over nine years leaving little or no information on the happenings in his life.

After his major break into the entertainment scene in 2007 with hit single, ‘Mo like Jesu gan,’ Dekunle Fuji became a name in the mouth of most Nigerians.

Four years into his life as a famous singer in Nigeria, Things however took a bad turn for the singer four years into his stardom life so he ended up staying back in the country with stories of grits and groans.

Born to Oba Solomon Oloyede of Ipetumodu (1971–1980), Dekunle Fuji said that he had lost his memory for some years. He however had to relocate to the US after his flopped performance at “The Experience” some years back. He said;

“When my performance at ‘The Experience’ concert flopped some years back, I kept asking myself what went wrong. The instrumentalists didn’t remember everything that we rehearsed. Meanwhile, I had fasted for 21 days prior to the programme. But what happened? The devil struck.

I then decided to take a two-week break to cool off. When I got to the airport, I saw Pastor Paul Adefarasin (one of the organisers of the Experience concert), and he told me that what happened to me was a (spiritual) attack.

“I actually didn’t plan to relocate. I just needed a break. However, I couldn’t remember many things and I couldn’t find my passport. When I got to the US, the phone I went with spoilt. It was like everything was working against me.  None of my friends actually remembered that I existed.

I asked myself, ‘How did I get here’?  I then thought perhaps, it was time for me to start a new life and I started bearing Michael. I recall that a white woman once saw me and told me God brought me out of Nigeria so I wouldn’t die a premature death.”

.Born to Oba Solomon Oloyede of Ipetumodu (1971–1980), Dekunle Fuji said that he had lost his memory for some years

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