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I Think It’s Okay To Expose One’s Body – Gifty Powers

While in an interview with The Punch Gifty Powers made the statement, where she mentioned that she lives life on her terms and isn’t concerned about the opinion of others.

Gifty Powers Said;

“I think it’s okay to expose one’s body but it is not a do-or-die affair. As long as there is mutual understanding about limits on body areas to be exposed with the person in charge of the project then you are good to go.

For example, if I’m to appear nude on the cover of a magazine, I would discuss with the creative director of that particular project about the limits to which I could bare my body.”

“No matter what one does, one would always get criticized; even while defending oneself. But the truth is that everyone is entitled to their opinions, whether pretty or ugly. I do not and will never hold such hypocrisy against them.

“I only focus on important matters. The fact that I have an amazing mother who supports all my moves, a daughter who gives me peace and joy, my two younger siblings that crack me up with jokes whenever I’m down, is enough for me. Naysayers are the least things on my agenda.’’