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If you are caught raping a lady, deny it, twitter influencer says


There has been so much on the street of twitter since this rape issue started, an influencer took time to expose another influencer on asking his friend to deny raping someone else.

In the voice note released by Ugwunna Ejikem who claims he’s a medical doctor, Dehkunle is heard expressing outrage after Tife took to Twitter to admit and apologize after his ex accused him of rape among other things.


Dehkunle mentioned in the voice note that you never admit to rape, no matter what, even if you did it.


Dehkunle said in the VN: “First of all, nobody in this earth should accept rape crime.


“Even if you rape girl, say you rape am, say girl wey you no know before, you carry am, beat am, beat am for bush, rape am, if the matter enter court or enter anything, you’re not meant to accept rape. It’s not something you… you must never accept it.

“You hear wetin I dey talk now, you must never accept rape. It’s something you must never accept.”


He added: “Even if you rape girl… you go deny now. There are some offense that you must deny them if you don’t want to have problem forever in your life, you have to deny them. You have to deny rape.”


Speaking about the rape accusation leveled against Tife by his ex-girlfriend, nicknamed Sansa on Twitter, Dehkunle said in the leaked voice note: “He did it now. He did it; the whole thing.”


On allegations that Tife released his ex-girlfriend’s nudes, Dehkunle said in the VN: “But the nude thing, he did it plain plain.”


After the voice note went viral, Dekunle allegedly called Ejikem, whose name is now trending on Twitter, and begged him to take it down.

Dekunle came out on twitter to appologize for the voice not

below is an audio recording of Dehkunle to his friend:



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