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Jude Okoye Has Lied About So Many Stuffs, Davido Is Yet To Call Me – Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan

As per her, Jude Okoye has not been consistent with general society on their difference yet she doesn’t hold anything against him now since she has proceeded onward.

She said that:-

“I personally don’t have issues with Jude because I have moved on.

I saw it as a l ife lesson for me. There was even a point in time when I said if this is how music is, I’m not gonna let my kids do music. It was that terrible.”

In an ongoing question and answer session, she hosts unveiled that the gathering to drop the agreement understanding between them was her administrator Jude Okoye and not her.

She noticed that the issues began when Jude Okoye needed her to sign another agreement in the wake of going through 3 years on the mark and she wouldn’t sign.

She additionally unveiled that she had a lot of things to stress over as she was managing some family issues and she experienced a breakdown so she required chance to go to every one of her issues.

Davido needed to have a feature with her after her saga, however it couldn’t emerge due to miscommunication among Davido and herself.