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Lady withdraws from school of medicine but scared to inform parent


My name is Uche a 100Level supposed medicine and surgery student of a Nigerian University, I used to be very brilliant and that was what instigated me to apply for Medicine and Surgery after acquiring an aggregate score of 270 in both JAMB and POST-UTME Examinations, I was then admitted a years ago into a university.

I am the only child of my parents, they have spent so much on me just to make sure I become a doctor, dad had to sell one of his plots of land to pay for my registration fees, purchase a brand new laptop, a phone and clothes for me and all my needs, Mum who has no job since she was sacked by the state government will always try to send the little that will pass through her, when I think of the way she announced to her friends when I gained admission to study Medicine it brings tears from my eyes.

It will be an injustice on me to be blamed or for me to blame myself, I know the effort I have also made, I have always taken my studies serious, I never missed any lecture, I neither miss assignments nor tests, I sit at the front of the class, I don’t keep bad gangs, I have never attended a party, sometimes I do RTDB (Read Till Day Break), what is then my offense? why me?

At the end of my 100 level Second semester my CGP was reading 4.2 without a single carryover, I was very happy because I thought I had scaled through the danger zone.

The unexpected occurred when I logged into the school portal at the end of my Second Semester Examination to check my result, I cleared all the courses with A’s and B’s but a course was reading Carryover, I nearly fainted when I saw the result, it was a biology course I offered in second semester to me the course was the simplest of all. I did not inform my parents because I din not want to dishearten them.

The school resumed, so I went to my HOD and complained, she took me to the Exam office who searched thoroughly for my script and from what I saw it was obvious I failed, I scored 32% and was asked to change department, my HOD advised that I go to Biological Sciences, my eyes were filled with tears.

How do I tell my parents this, it only mean I have brought shame to them. I have remained in school since then crying from one angle to another I don’t know whether to go home to my parents to inform them of the truth or keep telling them lies.

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