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Lucy’s elder sister, Begs For Fans Votes To Keep Lucy In The House


Flora, an elder sister to Lucy Edet, has taken to social media to thank fans for the support shown to keep her sister in the house despite her imperfections.

It can be recalled that Lucy is one of the most controversial housemates in the house, as she has a register of heated arguments with some of the housemates in the house.

Thanking fans, Flora said;

“I am so grateful for all the love that is coming in. I’m so happy that you guy kept her in the house for another week, I’m short of words, I’m speechless.

I want to thank everyone who voted for her, those who are keeping her in the house, I pray that you pocket will not run dry. For making her dreams come through.

For giving her hope, where there was no hope, I don’t know how to thank you guys enough. Your dreams will not run dry too. This week, she is on eviction, please keep voting and keep putting her in the house, God bless you and stay blessed.”

Watch the video below;

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