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Monalisa Chinda’s Beauty Secrets Skincare, Spa Finds New Direction For African Beauty Market


Nigerian actress and Entertainment Entrepreneur Monalisa Chinda-Coker has recently announced her Brand Ambassadorial engagement with Nigeria’s biggest beauty hub ‘BEAUTY SECRETS SKINCARE AND SPA’.

Monalisa had revealed that Beauty Secrets’ collaboration is a proper transition for the Beauty Industry here in Africa. She explained;
“As though the beauty industry needs more than just unveiling the outlook, it a combination of the Inspiration, the craft, the confidence and the brand communication – and that is what my friend, Pastor Deborah Omale is selling with her brand.
She is using Beauty Secrets Skincare and Spa to inspire the rest of the world. And obviously I’ve always love associating with Class and Exclusivity; and that’s the x-factor in creating organic traction.”
The CEO of Beauty Secrets Deborah Omale has expressed her excitement of being a part of a movement that defines Beauty and Spa in an inspiring light. She said;
“Monalisa is a perfect definition of the ideas we are selling with Beauty Secrets Skincare and Spa. She has been a Role model in the Movie and the Entertainment industry in general for years now. She exudes the class, artistic style, and flexible intelligence we need to inspire the rest of the world. We are doing alot here, it is not just a Spa, we have our Academy brewing. Our photo-documentary series would launch soonest. So it is so exciting bringing Monalisa Chinda on board, she will ofcourse reposition our original course.”

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