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Months After Stealing A Baby’s Photo, Fans Blasts Halima Abubakar As she Claims To Breast Feed Her Baby

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar faces fans anger again for claiming being a mum. This is coming months the actress was called out few months ago by an American woman for stealing her baby’s picture and claiming its hers.

Nigerians on Instagram have blasted the 35 year for revealing that her Nipples have suffered as a result of her child sucking her breast. She however prayed for all mothers.

In her words;

“My Nipples have suffered lol… God bless our mothers‼No be small thing my blessing…I am going to be a great mum”

See her post below;

Instagram users who think Halima is lying about being a mum decided to blast her and remind her that she is a liar.

See some comments below;

heesroyalmajesty wrote

“People now communicate with their family members via instagram”

mz_midecherry wrote

“Bye girl am tayad of yah lies”

officiallajolie wrote

“I thought she was lying about having a baby. I’m confused does she or not?”

zazi_bugatti wrote

“@iam_uboho it’s a shame,how she has no shame… No one is talking about the child she said is on ICU”

vickykal3 wrote

“You r going to or you are already a great mum?”