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My husband sister made attempt to scam me


I have been trying to get a reasonable job for a while now, but all has proven abortive one due to the nature of the economy now and also for some other reason i don know of.

My sister inlaw ( husband’s sister) a lady in her mid 40s who’s divorced and a hustler type still trying to find her feet called me up one day and told me a friend of hers had a connection for Civil Defence and i should email my CV right away to her. I have never discussed jobs with her before so the call took me by surprise. I wasnt particular keen on Civil Defence and as a lawyer i had my sights much higher on parastatal or agency jobs. She might have sensed my reluctance on the phone and she went on to say

“I’m just doing you a favour ooo, many people are hoping for opportunities as this”

She had this tone of urgency.

I didnt especially like how she was hurrying me as i never approach anything with desperation and as such, have never been scammed. I told her I’ll get back to her. Two hours later, she was messaging me on whatsapp that she hadn’t seen my CV on her mailbox. I replied her saying

“Aunty i haven’t sent it ooo, is the job slot free because me i don’t have money ooo”

This was a very dicey situation for me because this woman is over 10 years my senior and i wanted to be as diplomatic as possible without causing family wahala.

She read my response but didnt reply.

Very early the next morning she called me and when i picked up, she said that the job wasnt free but the price wasnt too much, just N350k. That i shouldn’t worry that she’ll call my hubby (her brother) and ask him for the money. When i saw she was still pushing, i opened up to her that even if i wanted to pay for a job slot, it definitely wasnt going to be a Civil Defence job as i had my sights set on agencies and parastatals. I knew she was upset by how her voice changed. “Agencies? What’s that?” I told her like NNPC, DPR, NCC and the likes
“NNPC? ehnnn.. Okay” She cut the call and i heaved a sigh that it was over. It wasn’t.

Two days later, this woman called me again to tell me she has an NNPC job for me.

(you’ve gat to be kidding me!)

She said that her friend knows the director and he asked for one million but after begging him, he agreed to take 500k she started with her hurrying tactics that i had only 24hrs and if payment wasn’t made before then that the offer will be withdrawn. At that time, NNPC were done with their recruitment process and i didnt even apply and knowing how stringent NNPC recruitment was, i knew that offer was impossible. She went on that if I didn’t have the cash that she’d call her brother (hubby) to make the transfer immediately. I knew right then without a doubt that this woman wanted to use me to obtain her brother by all means. She can try to scam him directly and if he falls mugu, good for her but why try to use me in the scam? I went further with questioning her on the supposed NNPC job. “Please Aunty the director that is helping, where is he?
” Abuja nau” she replied getting irritated with my questioning.

She was in Lagos and i was in Abuja at the time
so i asked her if i could meet the supposed director one on one and pay him directly and even promised to reward her and her friend handsomely if the deal pulls through.

“No” she said abruptly “you pay the money to my account and ill give it to my friend to make the payment. All you have to do is just hope and pray”

Pray… That word. I knew then without a doubt that this Aunty was trying to scam me.

I told her “Aunty please dont be angry, i know you mean well for my future and want me to get a good job in NNPC but right now I’ve already paid part payment for another job somewhere and i wouldn’t want to invest in two places at once” That wasnt true, i just had to get her off my tail once and for all. She was shocked. She angrily cut the call. She wanted to finesse her brother out of some cash using my future, what happens when the real slot comes around. Would i expect him to pay twice?

Her mum (mil) called me and started blasting me. Saying I’m feeling too big to be helped and her daughter was only trying to help me and now she never wanted to have anything to do with me again. That i should call her daughter and take the offer so that peace would reign. I didnt. Even my hubby blamed me and i couldn’t even open my mouth to tell anyone i thought the whole setup was a scam. That’s such a big accusation to make. The family dislike for me grew worse because of that incident.

Please did i do wrong?

Modified: For those asking me to talk to hubby, ofcourse i did but he genuinely believes his sister was trying to help and since i couldnt point out outright that the whole thing smelt of scam, hr thinks i rejected the offer because of pride. But i know better. It didnt cause serious issue between us though.

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