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“My N30M Grand Cash Prize From BBNaija Is Still Intact” -Mercy Eke

mercy eke

In an instagram live session with Ugandan Big Brother African super star, Denzel Mwuiyeretsi, Mercy Eke reveals that the cash price she won from the BBNaija reality show is still intact.

According to Mercy, winning the reality show is something worth more than an honor and she remains grateful to God. When Denzel asked Mercy how she was able to handle her prize money, the reality star revealed that the money is still intact and it is now increased than what it was.

She went on to give kudos to Heritage Bank for giving her the advice on handling such amount of money. Mercy said;

“I’ve been working really really hard lately. God has been amazing and I can probably say the money is still intact.

Yes, the money was a motivation for me because you know, a lot of people from here and there will say, she’s a woman, she’s coming out, she’s going to eat her money, she’s not going to work hard, she going to spend it because everybody knows I like to dress up, I like good things.

So, they all had that in mind. Oh she’s gonna squander the money, she’s going to throw it around, she’s going to party.

But as God may have it, that’s why I always use God, so as God may have it, that money is somewhere and it’s bigger than what it was before.

And the bank is proud of me. It’s a new bank they created for me to fill in that money. Right now, Heritage Bank is proud of me. From what was there before and what is there right now, I know they must be really proud of me, yeah”

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