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Peruzzi Claimed He Is Not A Rapist After Contradicting Tweets Got Revealed

His Royal Majesty singer took to his his Twitter page to respond to rape accusation he is faced with.

In tweets he shared between 2010 and 2012, the singer spoke casually about raping women, threatened to rape women, and admitted to rape (read here). In one tweet, he joked about the cost of a rape fine.

he wrote;

“Rape fine na 5k dolls abi? Abi e don increase. Lol,” he wrote in March 2012.

He also went further to make tweets where he said things like “I will rape her”, “person wey I don rape already”, and “rape am if she no gree”.

Peruzzi finally gave a reply after screenshot of his old tweets were shared by various Twitter users


However, Twitter users responded and asked him to explain his old tweets that seem to promote rape.PERUZZI

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