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Rema Reminiscences The Obama moments In His Career


Award nominee for the 2020 BET awards Rema, has mentioned that Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2019 playlist recognition is one of the key highlights in his musical career. The ‘Beamer’ singer said;

“when Obama recognized my sound that was huge it meant a lot to me and all the awards that I won, seeing my team celebrate those moments meant a lot to me because they work so hard to make sure my vision comes to life and here we are”.

When asked about his projection for the next 5 years, he said:

“I will say it’s beyond words, not just for me, for a whole lot of people in my generation, like we have a whole lot of talented people in my generation and I see a lot of things happening for Nigeria as a country for the sound, for Afrobeat you know, that global recognition, that global huge effect coming and I’m glad to be part of that vision and I just see big stuff coming, I see young people making changes in the country, I see young people standing up through the music we are making inspiring them and all.”