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 Reno Omokri Reacts To News Of Frustrated Graduate Who Burnt All His School Credentials

reno omokri

Reacting to the news of the “frustrated graduate”, Reno Omokri has made his opinion known in a post he shared on his official Instagram page today, September 26.

Reno advised graduates never to think that their degrees would ensure success. He wrote;

“Every single thing you learnt in school for 16 years, can be sourced in a few seconds by a google search. So, don’t let your degrees make you arrogant. Dont think it guarantees you success. The world has changed. Skills now matter more than degrees

“Skills now matter more than degrees. A man with Masters in Literature, or History, or such humanities, isn’t in as high demand as a fashion designer, a coder, or skilled motor mechanic in today’s world. If it sounds brutal, it’s because it’s true!”

See screenshot here;

reno tweet

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