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“Scripture Allows You To Buy Alcohol With Your Tithe” -Reno


Reno Omokri has once again shaken the table of the Nigerian community on social media. This time around, the author and lawyer has shifts his attention on the consumption of alcohol and the payment of tithe.

The popular writer states that people who drink alcohol have not committed any sin against God noting that it is scriptural for an individual to buy alcohol with his/her tithe.

He maintained the opinin that even in heaven, they drink wine, so it is unscriptural for anyone to preach against alcohol.

“Drinking alcohol is no sin. Drunkenness is sin. It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. Even in heaven they drink wine (Matthew 26:29). Paul encouraged wine drinking (1 Tim 5:23). Scripture allows you use your tithe to buy alcohol (Deu 14:26)”, he wrote.

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