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See The ‘Miracle Center’ In Niger State Where Men, Women Are Stripped Naked, Accused Of Witchcraft


A video has been on the trend on social media where men and women stripped naked after they were accused of witchcraft in a so-called miracle centre in Mokwa, Niger State.

There have been records of bizarre scenes where women are being forced to confess their alleged evil deeds at gunpoint and men being forced to urinate on one another.

This is a violation of human rights perpetrated by Hassan Muhammad Nnafene Patigi who claims to be a prophet with the ability to heal all kinds of diseases, including stroke, leprosy, blindness, deafness and dumbness, as well as provide remedies for infertility, kleptomania and stillbirth, among others.

Information gathered reveals that when Patigi first arrived in Mokwa with claims that he could heal all kinds of illnesses and make barren women productive, he did for some time before he veered into branding people as witches, stripping them naked, and compelling them to admit that they are witches.

One of the residents, who identified himself as Kasim Umar, said;

 “Hassan (Patigi) tortures old women, married women, young girls and men accused of witchcraft with shocking gadgets. He hauls sachet water at them when they refuse to say what he wants to hear.

“He asks some of his boys to beat them with sticks and even strip them naked. When he does some of these things, people think it is funny, so they laugh at the victims.”

Another witness, a woman who gave her name as Saida said;

“Everything he is doing or has done is not Islamic. Hassan would ask music to be played by his DJs. How can someone who calls himself a prophet go about with DJs? Sometimes, he would ask that a beat be played without lyrics and he would sing to it. It is not Islamic at all.

“When the music is played, he goes around dancing and those who are apparently hypnotised are pushed outside and made to undertake shameful acts. I wonder how people that are made to do undergo these would live with other members of their community without being taunted or embarrassed.”

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