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Simi Celebrates Hubby, Adekunle Gold On The Release “AfroPopVol1”


With the release of  her singer husband’s latest album, Nigerian singer and mother of one, Simi celebrates her him with lovely words.

Read her full text below…

“I watched you worked on this for wellll over a year. I watched you become a better artiste and writer. I watched you insist on writing your own story even when people you counted on counted you out. You inspire me so much. You never take no for an answer as long as you’ve seen it work in your dreams. I see you push yourself everyday – you stay hungry. You’re an amazing artiste Kunle. You don’t just say you want more, you actually do what it takes. I’m so proud of you. I don’t know if I tell you enough, but I am so, so proud.

Guys, when you listen to this Project #AfroPopVol1 , please don’t listen as though it’s just another album. Know that it’s a work of art that he gave everything – and then more. Listen, knowing this came from passion, through resilience, by a man that refuses to settle.

Said all that to say #AfroPopVol1 is out…and the link is in my bio.”

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