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“Tacha Is The Standard” – Nigerian Man


A twitter user identified as Danny Walter has said that not every housemate disqualified from Big Brother reality show can come out to be as successful like Tacha.

In his opinion, Tacha became the standard and a ray of hope due to the fact that she became successful against all odds. As a backing for his opinion, he mentioned that the likes of Khloe and Kbrule who were disqualified from the show but are not as successful as Tacha.

To this end he said;

“Not every disqualified housemate turns out successful like Tacha. Khloe and Kbrule were disqualified. No one uses them as yardstick.”

“The only reason Tacha is used as a ray of hope for Erica fans is because Tacha became successful against all odds. Tacha is the standard”.


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