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“This Can’t Continue” Seun Kuti Frowns At Corrupt Practices In Nigeria

seun kuti

Nigeria’s multi-instrumentalist singer Seun Kuti has beckoned on Nigerians to speak up against bad governance and administration.

The Afro beat singer took to his Instagram social handle to express his disgust over the corrupt practices in Nigeria with a focus on the power and oil sector of the country.

Kuti is of the opinion that all board members of Disco and Gencos should be investigated, stating that one man is in charge of generators, petrol, and electricity. In his words;

“It’s all connected. It’s all linked. There is something wrong with this picture. This is the real corruption, the positioning of a certain few to take advantage of our very existence. One man will sell light generator and petrol, the same man will have political power or be an ex-politician and on top of that will sell your food, your real estate, your education, your transportation, your security, and also own a bank and we are expected to believe that there is no conflict of interest and the game is fair?”.

“As long as people thrive on extraction only without invention or innovation then the squeezing of their people must be the only option. Hence they announce that Nigeria is breaking records for rice yet the price of rice is increasing. Nigeria is the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, fuel price is rising. Educational standard is dropping, school fees are rising. Homelessness everywhere yet rent is rising and don’t forget the telephone and radio and Tv. Do I have to slap your face to wake you up? This can’t continue. LIBERATION GENERATION.

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