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“Ugliest man” in Uganda Has Third Wedding Ceremony In Grand Style (Photos)


An Ugandan comedian, Godfrey Baguma also known as Ssebabi who has been tagged as the world’s ugliest man, has recently got married to his third wife in a grand style.

The bride and groom were joined in holy matrimony and they look so happy in the pictures that is trending on social media.

47 year old Godfrey Baguma, who is believed to suffer from a rare, unknown medical condition, had welcomed a baby with his second wife Kate Namanda, some years ago.

Baguma had bagged the title as the “ugliest man” in 2002, after he entered the competition to make money for family. It was after the competition that he earned his nickname ‘Ssebabi’.

He is a father of seven and lives in Kyazanga, Lwengo district, and is married to Kate Namande, 28, with whom he has five children and newly married to his third wife.


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