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Venita just trashed Ella for lying about her mums health on big brother reunion show

Venita of big brother jut brought up the fact that Ella of big brother had to lie about her mum health state.

Ella who went up on social media after the big brother show told the public about how sick her mum was and no one was coming forth to help her out. this made everyone come to her aid that period and also as an ex-big brother housemate people came to her aid. But a member of the concluded big brother feels different about her story.

Venita came up with the fact she probably was lying about the issue, cause she never mentions it on their WhatsApp group created, and after receiving the contribution made by various people she went off, and of a sudden, her Single popped up from nowhere, with a music video to show.

Today’s episode of the show ended in a really dramatic moment leaving Ella crying out of the show.

Now the question is, Did Ella Lied To Scam Nigerians And Fellow Housemate.

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