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Video Game With Yoruba Theme Launched By Agba Inaki

agba inaki

Popular Instagram sensation Olalekan Olaleye, also known as ‘Agba Inaki’  has launched a new game called Yoruba 103 in collaboration with Genii games.

Speaking about the new project, Agba Inaki who mentioned that the game has entertaining features said that;

“The game is created to learn Yoruba while listening to folklore and playing the game. Genii games in collaboration with me created Yoruba 103 under their existing language teaching app.

I did all the voice over on their animated stories in Yoruba. So people can enjoy the story and play a game at the end. (The ambiguous Yoruba words all have meanings with options, so you chose from the option to answer and see how many you score you can have.”

“The Yoruba language is very deep and it is one of the reasons I love promoting it. Despite living abroad.”

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