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”Violated” -Trending Short Rape Movie


Due to the increase in the number of cases involving the abuse of women, especially sexual violence that has sparked off in recent times, a new movie that explores the constant abuse of women, entitled Violated is on the trend.

A large number of women, especially the girl child are being violated across the globe on a daily basis, hence the movie which was directed by award winning creative director and filmmaker Wole Ogundare. The movie focuses on the impending danger in the lives of the female gender in various communities.

Featuring popular Nollywood stars such as Seun Sean Jimoh, Lekan Ogunjobi among others, the movie explored the torturous life in which the survivors of sexual abuse have to live with.

Introducing Haitan new actress, Nzinga Desir, whose understanding of role interpretation is of a high grade, the film features the control, manipulation and other complexities surrounding domestic abuse from a realistic perspective/