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We Must Lose This Week’s Wager – Lucy Says As She And Other Housemates Clash With Kiddwaya (Watch Video)


The current Head of House, Kiddwaya got their wager task and ordered all housemates to gather around in the lounge to read it to them.

Nonetheless, housemates were confused about the directive and this sparked an argument that ensued for few minutes.

While engaging in the arguments, Kiddwaya who was infuriated with other housemates said he’d still be in the house next week unlike the rest of them who are up for eviction.

Kiddwaya’s statement got most of the housemates angry. This prompted Lucy, Dorathy, and Wathoni to walk out of the meeting. Lucy in expressing her anger to Praise and Wathoni, vowed not to participate in the task this week and prayed that they lose the task.

Ozo, who was once a head of house, met with Kidd and advised him to ensure he apologizes to the house this morning when they gather. Initially, KIddwaya refused to apologize but later agreed to do that.

Watch video below;

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