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”Wearing Face Mask In Church Does Not Affect Your Connection To God” -Pastor Laurie Idahosa


Pastor Laurie Idahosa, has reacted to the disagreement of some Christians on the new guidelines issued by the government for the commencement of religious activities.

The guidelines requires all members of a church or mosque to wash their hands before coming into a religious center, also there is need for them to wear face masks during service and observe social distancing.

However, some Christians have opposed this fact as they argue that the new guidelines ”ridicules” the Christian faith in God as they are not supposed to come before God in fear of any disease as he is the healer.

In a post shared on her IG social handle this morning, Idahosa said that wearing a face mask to church does not affect a Christians relationship with God. According to her, the presence of God cannot be limited by social distancing or by obeying the rules and regulations set by the government.