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What will you change in your community within 48-hours if given the power?


I was taking a walk within a community one night when I noticed there were street lights on every street and the roads even though they were not tarred was well maintained.

It was such a beautiful sight that I had to commend the efforts of the government on that note. Somwhere in my heart, I felt that the government still cared about its citizen welfare if they could do this to this little community.
Excited, I did not hold back sharing with my friend how I felt about the situation.

To my greatest surprise, I learnt that these infracstructures and amenities were made available not by the government but by the contributed efforts of notable citizens living in that side of the country. I was impressed. The following morning, I had to get something from the store on the other side of the apartmnt where i lived when i saw a young girl not more than eight years tell her little brother to pick up the biscuit wrapper he dropped on the floor and make use of the waste bin nearby.

This brought a question to my mind, what are the things we are doing to better our society, the community we live in?
How well do we maintain the things the government has been able to provide for us?

Do share your comments below;