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Who Did This To Us – Singer Simi Weighs In On Education


The sensational singer and mother of one, Simi has shunned the mentality which makes people feel education is the right thing leaving behind things they truly care about.

She cited the example of how many of what was learnt at school have been forgotten.

According to the singer, this could be as a result of spending years learning those things which one doesn’t really care about.

Simi wrote:

“Educational system is so sh*t. Most of us can’t even remember what we were taught in all the many years we spent in school.

“People have potentials and talent not tapped into “because it’s not prestigious enough” then they spend years learning something they don’t care about.

“Forget everything right after and end up doing something else with their lives.

“What’s the point then? Who did this to us?”

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