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Yoruba Actress, Mo Bimpe Speaks About Her Marriage To Lateef Adedimeji

Mo Bimpe

It is no longer a news that Nigerians believe that Mo Bimpe and Lateef Adedimeji are dating and that has prompted Mo Bimpe to speak on her relationship with the actor.

In an interview with City People, she said;

“I wouldn’t deny the fact that we are close, he is my best friend it’s normal for people to assume a lot because we always act together people cast us together and even in my own project I usually cast him.

I’m a filmmaker and a story maker, film making is my passion and he is good, so, you always find him in my production.

I think it was the fan that came up with the story “you guys are good together, you guys are compatible and so on” But there is nothing between us we are just friends.”

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