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You’re A Hired Assassin If You Dress Seductively To Church – Says Pastor Mike Bamiloye

mike bamiloye

The renowned Nigerian film actor and producer, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has tagged any lady who dresses seductively to church an hired assassin.

In an Instagram post, Mike Bamiloye mentioned other attributes that qualifies such a lady as an hired assassin.

“You dress seductively to church. You decided to dress to kill. You dance suggestively to worship songs. You purposely dance to slay. And truthfully, are you not an hired assassin in the church?”, he shared.

As of late, Mike Bamiloye advised singles who want to fulfill their purpose and also live long, by all means, to marry their own husband or wife and not the one their pastor, prophet, priest or parents recommend to them.

His post reads:

If you want to fulfill purpose and live long, you must by all means, at all cost marry YOUR Wife/Husband, Not the one a prophet, pastor, priest or parents recommend, but the one God recommends.
People can only guide. The ultimate choice must be born out of your personal conviction by the Holy Spirit.”

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