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Zoro Forwards Petition To Lagos State Police Command Over Rape Allegations

It was earlier reported on Taletela that Zoro had come out on social media to deny rape allegations that leveled against him by a Miss Yachit.

Yachit had said that Zoro raped her when she followed her sister to visit a friend who Zoro was squatting with.

Zoro has now taken a step further by involving the police. He dropped a picture of the document he forwarded to the Police Command in Lagos.

In the Petition, he pleads with the Police to look into the matter as the allegations are causing him the loss of sponsorships and are causing a dent on his reputation and public image.

He also appealed that False rape allegations should be shunned and fought against. adding that it causes psychological, mental damages, and loss of a business relationship.

Zoro on his social media page wrote:-

Further to my last post, my team (legal and management) and I have reported the rape allegation leveled against me to the Nigeria Police.

I want to implore you my fans, friends and family to kindly disbelieve any lies from the unscrupulous lady while the Police continue their investigation on the matter.

I am more than certain that my innocence will vindicate me eventually.

Finally, it is important to fight against false rape accusation. The implication of false accusation on the ‘falsely accused’ is grievous and causes mental, and psychological damages which can affect business and personal relationships.

It will also deter rape victims from speaking up because of disbelief and stigma.

Thank you very much for all your calls, messages and well wishes during this period.

#saynotorape #thistooshallpass #saynotofalseaccusation

Check out the petition document;

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