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Coffin With Body Inside Dumped At Hospital In Kenya


The residents of Kisumu East in Kenya were shocked by an incident, in which a coffin carrying the body of a middle-aged man was dumped outside the Lumumba Sub-County Hospital under unclear circumstances.

The claims made by eyewitnesses said that they saw some people offloading a casket from a pick-up and placed it on a wooden stand near the entrance of the health facility.

One of the eyewitnesses said;

“We did not know that the coffin had a body inside. So, when we moved closer and opened it, we were shocked to find that it wasn’t empty; in it, was the body of a man who appears to be in his 40s or 50s,”

Another eyewitness identified as Happy said;

“The person who left the coffin behind told us that he was taking the vehicle to the garage, and would, thereafter, come back to take the body,”

None of the residents, seemed to know who the deceased was. At about a few minutes past 2pm, when police from Kisumu East were almost taking the casket away, two men rushed to the scene claiming that the deceased was their relative.

Although they were allowed to take the coffin, but instructed to first record statements with authorities.

The Police however suspect that the grieving family did not want to bury their loved one earlier than 3pm or 4pm as demanded by the county government regulations on burials during the coronavirus crisis. They said;

“We suspect that they dumped the coffin at the hospital to buy time so that they can bury their loved on Thursday evening. In Kisumu, the county government directed that bodies should be buried almost immediately after arriving at the burial venue,”

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