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Cosmetic Brand Apologises To Hollywood Star, John Boyega


Despite the fact that Jo Malone has tendered an apology to Hollywood star, John Boyega over a recent racist stunt many people do not agree.

London based cosmetic brand, Jo Malone has received series of blasts on Twitter after it tendered  an apology to Hollywood actor John Boyega over a racist stunt it pulled some days back.
It can be recalled that the Hollywood and Nigerian-born British actor, John Boyega had ended his ambassadorial deal with the company and was replaced by Liu Haoran after the commercial was recast and reshot for the Chinese market.
In reaction to the new development which many have described as systemic racism as John Boyega had disclosed that it was done without his consent.
This made Jo Malone to issue an apology of which people considered to be very watery.
See Reactions below;
“Jo Malone is just one racist brand I cannot stand. You didn’t even deem it fit to issue an apology. We had to drag you for you to see your own stupidity. A global brand thinks a black actor is not fit for the Chinese market, tells me it is a misstep. Misstep kill you there!”
“I am deeply dissapointed that a brand that I loved and enjoyed could have done such a  “misstep” I can no longer support you as a brand and I am sad as you once brought me joy and indulgence.#dobetter”
“So very disappointing. In the current climate and #BlackLivesMatter being so prominent, I can’t actually believe that a GLOBAL brand like Jo Malone allowed this to happen. Yes, mistakes happen, but this really isn’t good enough.”

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