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COVID19: South Africa To Commence Africa’s First Vaccine Trial This Week


South Africa which has the highest number of Coronavirus cases in Africa, will start out on the first virus vaccine trial in Africa this week.

The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine was developed by the Oxford Jenner Institute and is being assessed in Britain, with about 4,000 participants signing up for the trial.

South Africa is ready to vaccinate 2,000 people with the vaccine. Fifty of the candidates have HIV.


Witwatersrand University vaccinology professor, Shabir Madhi stated during a press conference said;

“We began screening participants for the South African Oxford 1 Covid-19 vaccine trial last week, and the first participants will be vaccinated this week,”

Witwatersrand University is in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Oxford Jenner Institute on the South African trial.

Also, Brazil is looking forward to test the vaccine, while the United States is preparing to test another vaccine in a gross trial of about 30,000 participants.