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Man ‘Accidentally’ Kills Woman During Sex


A UK man, Wesley Streete who was accused of raping and murdering his friend has told the jury that he “accidentally killed her during sex”.

The 20 year  old Wesley was “trusted” to walk Keeley Bunker home to safety after they had made plans to go clubbing. However, Bunker had revealed in court hearing that in the early hours of  September 19, 2019, he had put her body in a nearby stream and covered it with branches.

Giving evidence in his defence for the first time today, Streete outlined what he claims happened before her death.

He agreed to have been at Snobs nightclub in Birmingham city centre with Bunker and another friend, Monique Riggon, some hours earlier, before they returned to their home town of Tamworth. While the three of them arrived at Riggon’s home, Bunker demanded to sleep in her own bed which made Streete escort her home. Afterwards he said;

“I had my arms around her neck and accidentally killed her,”

“I was scared and didn’t know how to tell people how she died. I was scared to explain to the police, everyone, and mum and dad,”


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