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President Hashim Thaci Charged With War Crimes


President Hashim Thaci of Kosovo has been has been charged with 10 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role played in the country’s 1990s war.

According to reports from a special international prosecutor (SPO) Thaci and nine others are criminally responsible for about 100 murders, torture and enforced disappearances. The court has been set up to investigate allegations of crimes committed by the Kosovo Albanian side during the war.

Mr Thaci and one of the accused, Kosovo politician Kadri Veseli were also accused of seeking to obstruct and undermine the SPO’s work in an attempt to ensure that they do not face the penalty for their crimes.

Though the President of the European country has denied the allegation leveled against him, the statement makes it clear that the indictment had not yet been proven and also notes that the pre-trial judge had not yet made a ruling which confirms  the charges.

The announcement was made while Thaci was on his way to Washington DC to attend a White House meeting with Serbia’s president set for Saturday by Richard Grenell, Donald Trump’s Balkan peace envoy.

Trump had hoped to broker a deal between the two countries, which have not normalized relations since Kosovo broke away from Serbia following a NATO bombing campaign.

Mr Thaci has been in power in Kosovo since the end of the war – most recently as president of Kosovo.