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Reforms Must Be Underway By October, Marcon Warns Lebanon


Issuing a warning, French President, Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday  said that the international aid for Lebanon would not be released unless a series of reforms were underway by October.

Ahead of the meetings with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and the country’s main political parties, Macron insisted on the need for reform of electricity, banking, justice, and public contracts.

Paying a visit to Beirut port, the scene of last month’s devastating blast that cost more than 180 lives. Macron also denounced the corruption in the energy sector as well as other spheres. He said;

“Everything is ready, but political will is needed,”

He also added that he was putting his “political weight” behind a timetable for reforms, with a first deadline in October as a “follow-up” mechanism. Apart from urgent humanitarian aid in response to the August 4 explosion, longer-term aid would not be released unless the reform process was underway by then, he said. Macron said that the nomination of Lebanon’s ambassador to Germany, Mustapha Adib, to head a new government, was just “the first step of the next phase.”

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