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Some Mexicans ‘Prefer To Die At Home’


MEXICAIDReports have revealed that it is common to hear of people choosing to fight the virus on their own at home, sometimes refusing to be taken to hospital by paramedics in Mexico.

The government having recognized that the health system has suffered from years of neglect, says it is working to improve standards.

Having a record of more than 73,000 deaths, Mexico has the world’s fourth-highest Covid-19 toll, although the government says that is partly due to its large population.

Although there is no official number for the number of Mexicans who have died in their homes, but the government’s own figure of excess mortality offers a clue.

Mayra Reyes, a doctor at the Cuautitlan General Hospital just north of Mexico City said;

“For years, we’ve had a sick health system without the necessary equipment,”

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