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Trump Administration Set To Tighten Restrictions On Huawei Access To Technology, Chips


US is set to announce its decision to further tighten the restrictions on Huawei Technologies which is aimed at cracking down on its access to commercially available chips.

The US Commerce Department said it will expand restrictions that was announced in May aimed at preventing Huawei from obtaining semiconductors without a special licence.

This includes chips made by foreign firms that have been developed or produced with US software or technology.

The administration will also add a total of 38 Huawei affiliates in 21 countries to the US government’s economic blacklist, the sources also revealed that raising the total to 152 affliates since Huawei was first added in May 2019.

“Huawei and its affiliates have worked through third parties to harness US technology in a manner that undermines US national security and foreign policy interests,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement to Reuters.


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