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Typhoon Hits South Korea


A powerful typhoon has hit South Korea on Monday after it smashed southern Japan with record winds and heavy rains that left up to eight people dead or missing.

The typhoon was reported to have cut electricity to Hyundai Motor’s assembly lines in the city of Ulsan, bringing production to a halt for several hours and about 300,000 households were still without power Monday afternoon after the typhoon Haishen roared past Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, ripping off roofs and dumping half a metre (20 inches) of water in just a day.

Rescue workers are doing all they can to search for missing people after a landslide in rural Miyazaki.

An elderly man in Shibushi city said;

“I am worried about coronavirus infections. We’re with small children too, so we did not want other people to see us as big trouble,”

The storm had also disrupted about 550 flights and train services. Factories have also suspended its operations, including the three plants operated by Toyota.

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