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14-year-old tells court how her grandfather’s caregiver raped her

A fourteen-year-old girl, on Tuesday, report to FCT High Court in Kubwa, how her grandfather’s 21-year-old caregiver, named Godwin Onuminya forcefully had sex with her.

Onuminya is being prosecuted by the police on a one-count charge of rape.

The girl (name withheld), a JSS three student, who stays in Kubwa, Abuja was led in evidence by the prosecution counsel, Adama Musa, NAN reports.

As stated by her, she got home from school at 1 pm and entered her room to remove her school uniform on November 4, 2019.

“While trying to wear my trouser, Onuminya, quickly entered my room and held my leg, I tried to shout, but he covered my mouth and nose, thereby suffocating me.

I hit him with my left elbow, then he pushed me on the bed, I struggled with him and heard a crack on my neck while he twisted it, and I fell unconscious.” She said.

The girl also revealed that when she opened her eyes, she found herself in Pison Hospital, Kubwa and saw her uncle, Mr. Joseph James and Onuminya standing.

She continued:

“I felt pains on my private part, my neck and all over my body. The nurses asked me if I could remember what happened, then Onuminya winked at me and signaled me with his hands to keep quiet.

“I noticed blood on my pant and my pink trousers, and I saw a drip on my hand, so I asked the nurses why I was bleeding from my private part, and they confirmed that I was raped.”

The girl also revealed that she was transferred to Police Hospital, Dei-dei, where the doctor examined her, and her blood samples were taken.

According to her, she was taken home by a relative and wrote her statement at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), FCT Command on November 5.

Hence, when asked by the prosecution counsel, during cross-examination, where the blood-stained underwear and trouser were and how many persons were in her house when she was raped.

My trouser and underwear are with the police, she replied.

She also said that Onuminya and her grandfather were the only people at home.

She said:

“My grandfather had a mild stroke in 2018 and needed assistance to walk, so Onuminya helps him.”

Justice Kezziah Ogbonnaya, however, adjourned the case until June 17 for trial continuation.