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5 Year Old Dies After Cousin Raped Her And 8 Year Old Sister


A woman and her son have been arrested after the son raped his two young cousins which led to the death of one of the girls.

The two girl identified as Kadijah M. Saccoh and her sister were living with their aunt who is the elder sister of Kadijah’s mum and her son in her home in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Kadijah’s parents were divorced. Their father a Congolese who lives in the U.S had tried to take Kadijah, a U.S. citizen, with him to the U.S. but could not because a Judge prevented him from doing so as the mother was not in disagreement.

The Unfortunate incident occured when the aunt’s son began raping Kadijah’s elder sister, and Kadijah.


Reports reveals that when the aunt found out her son had raped Kadijah’s sister, she disclosed it from the children’s parents and treated the girl herself. She did the same thing also when the same son raped Khadijah. Unfortunately, Kadijah died and the aunt tried to bury her.

The aunt informed Kadijah’s father’s family about the death of the girl after which she asked for permission to bury the child, however, Kadijah’s father insisted he wanted to know the cause of the death.

He urged his family to take the corpse for a postmortem which showed that the girl was raped multiple times. The same test was conducted on the older daughter and it showed that she had been raped too.

This has drawn the attention of people as they seek justice for Kadijah with the hashtags  #JusticeForKadijahSaccoh and #JusticeForKadijah.