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Breaking News!!! APC Clashes With Governor Obaseki As Primaries Hold Today

On Sunday, the election committee headed by Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, discharges rules for the primaries.

Uzodinma demanded that the activity will happen in all the wards.

In any case, the Edo state government had said that in consistence with its COVID-19 rules, APC must get a waiver before holding any political occasion in any piece of the state.

The APC panel have demanded their own rules are in consistence with the state’s and an announcement by the secretary, Ajibola Basiru, said casting a ballot would initiate at the same time at 8am over the 192 wards in the state.

Basiru noticed that not in excess of 18 people would be permitted to assemble simultaneously, from the beginning of casting a ballot till the procedure closes.

He stated,

Obaseki was excluded from participating in the APC primaries, over cases of error in his declarations.

The Governor has since evacuated to the Peoples Democratic Party and has been given a waiver to challenge in their primaries.